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If you have just got engaged congratulations to you and your partner.I trust you will find what you are looking for on the numerous pages; giving many options, inspirational ideas, and choices available when planning your special day.

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Glenda Procter of Cloud9Ceremonies

Glenda Procter of Cloud9Ceremonies

If you are looking for someone to give you and your special someone an experience to treasure for the rest of your lives? Someone who can ensure that every aspect of your chosen ceremony is brought to life, in the way that you have always dreamed of, well look no further.

It is indeed a great honour and a delight to me to be part of one of the most poignant, memorable and special moments in a couple’s life. With a wealth of experience in making dreams like yours come true, let me make your dreams come true too!

Working as a seasonal marriage registrar before retiring to become a professional Independent Celebrant, I have been conducting ceremonies for over a decade.My many years of experience provide me with a wealth of knowledge that can be shared with you,to support and advise you both in creating a truly heartfelt ceremony.

There are lots of celebrants that can officiate a  wedding, but if you want a celebrant that you can trust, have empathy with and will fill you with confidence on your special day then look no further. My part in your special day will be as perfect as we can make it.

Available to travel Internationally and the United Kingdom.

Working as an Independent Celebrant frees me from the confines of the civil registration service. This enables me to create beautiful original, unique ceremonies that are in tune with my couples personal wishes.

WAYS TO LEGALLY MARRY AND WED IN ENGLAND:- In a church with a member of the clergy presiding. In a registration office or approved marriage venue. With a simple registration marriage followed by a Celebrant led WEDDING CELEBRATION .

Choose me to be part of your day and provide you with a ceremony befitting your spiritual beliefs and your family traditions or culture I will advise and support you both and with your help create a ceremony that fulfils your dreams and fantasies – taking you to Cloud 9.Whether your wedding is a small or a deluxe affair, or your first, second or third marriage it will be created with your full approval.Highly experienced to provide you with a ceremony that celebrates and reflects your unique relationship, personality and style.

All the information you need and details of the services and ceremonies I provide can be found in these web pages.However if you have any questions do contact me by telephone to discuss them.

Please call to chat about your special day +441797 226100

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As you start to plan your special day, you will have questions.
Answers can be found here and in the FAQ section
Wedding Questions


Can we write our own wedding vows? Yes of course! This is something I encourage all my couples to do, ensuring the vows are truly personal and poignant to you both, created and then said with meaning and sincerity. I will encourage you to personalize your ceremony as much as you wish not only the vows.   Does it matter what religion we practice? No it does not matter to me what your faith or belief is. I will conduct a ceremony befitting your wishes and that reflects your own spiritual beliefs.   Are you able to include elements of our own religion in to the service? Yes most defiantly. I will work with you to include those elements of prayers or hymns that you would like to include whether you are Christian, Jewish or Muslim.   I am atheist; how can our ceremony be made personal to us both? I will be very comfortable conducting a ceremony to reflect your own personal wishes and in a manner that helps you both bring joy and happiness to your day.   Would you be willing to work with another religious minister? YES. I would be delighted to share your ceremony. I could create a ceremony from start to finish, and be the ‘celebrant’ for all proceedings. I could start with the tradition western style of marriage ceremony and introduce the minister of your choice to step up and provide the spiritual blessing or traditions of your faith.   When do I need to ‘book’ you as my Independent Celebrant? I advise you to book as soon as you have made up your mind. An early booking will secure the date in my diary and save disappointment!   We would love to say our wedding vows in the grounds of our parent’s garden is this possible? Yes you can hold your ceremony anywhere you like, but should be mindful of the English weather if planning on holding it out of doors.   We plan to marry overseas but would like a ceremony on our return for our family and friends who could not join us? I will plan a very special ceremony where you can renew the vows you made overseas whether that was one week or one year previously.

Renewal of Vows Questions


We have been married for 40 years and plan to hold a party for friends and family to celebrate. Would you be able to conduct a renewal of vows ceremony for us to include our children and grandchildren? Yes. I would encourage you  to invite them to say a reading and maybe tell the story of your lives. You could also exchange eternity rings or gifts with each other. I married 10 years ago when pregnant and quite young. I never had the wedding I dreamt about and would love to do it all properly with my husband and include our two girls as bridesmaids. Your ceremony can be where ever you like and take whatever form you wish and include all the traditions of a typical wedding.   We married in secret and did not tell our family. We would now like to include them all in a reenactment of the day, is this possible? Yes. You can include whatever elements of your day that you want to and I will write a personal bespoke ceremony for you both explaining your love story to all and making it special and memorable for everyone.   We have a very large family and many are unable to travel long distances. If we were to marry up North would we then be able to have a ceremony down South? You will have to decide where you actually legally marry. I will conduct a ceremony in the South providing I know you have been legally married.

Naming Ceremony Questions


We are not regular church goers but really want to name our baby. Are you able to conduct a ceremony like a Christening for us, but without the churchy bits? YES. Many couples are in your situation and feel saddened that they have not had a ceremony to name their baby. I will create a ceremony that welcomes your baby into the world celebrating their birth in a ceremony with friends and guiding adults who will make pledges to support them as they grow and develop.   My parents would really like to present a gift to our baby at the naming ceremony, will we be permitted to include them this in the ceremony. YES. Any gifts for your baby can be formally presented to the child during the ceremony.   I do not want to have a church Christening for our baby but would like to include a prayer in our ceremony. Is this allowed? Yes. The ceremonies I conduct bridge the gap between all church or all civil and you can include whatever elements you like.

Handfasting Questions


  We are not pagan but would like to include a Handfasting in our traditional English wedding ceremony, can we do this? Yes.I am quite prepared to include the tying of the knot or cords into the ceremony, and keep the  ceremony simple following your ring exchange, when your hands will be free!   Do you supply the ribbons or cords for the ceremony? I can provide either for you but would suggest that you both choose them yourselves thus making them personal and  special.   What colours do the ribbons or cords have to be? The choice of colour is purely personal and each colour represents a different virtue or quality. You may just choose colours that match your ceremony colour-scheme or which are your favorites. It does not matter.   Can we wear medieval costumes? Yes. You can wear anything you like… or nothing at all!

Commitment / Engagement Ceremony Questions


What is a commitment ceremony? A commitment ceremony or engagement ceremony can occur following your agreement to be with each other. Many couples pledge themselves in a formal way prior to the legal step to marriage. A Handfasting may also be a way of committing yourselves to each other as an alternative to taking the step to marriage.   What type of ceremony can it be? It can simply involve just the two of you in a special place or you may choose to have a big celebration with family and friends. I will involve you closely in the planning and offer many examples of what can be included so we create a unique ceremony reflecting your feelings and desires.

Civil Partnership Questions


Memorial / Funeral Questions


Who conducts a civil funeral? A civil funeral is conducted by an Independent celebrant just like me   What is the difference between a minister conducting a funeral and an Independent Celebrant? A minister will follow the structure set out by the church and include passages from the bible, readings, and the ceremony will by its very nature have a religious content. I will create a ceremony as long or short as you wish, with or without religious content. The decision is yours to make.   I would like a happy celebration of my late husband’s life and include some hand clapping and singing in the chapel. Is this permitted? YES. I would like to deliver the tribute to my friend at her funeral, and want to know how to go about doing this? I will advice and support you in this role.   I  would like to keep the Eulogy. Will you give me a copy? Yes.I will give you a full copy of the service to read and check prior to its deliver, it will be yours to keep.   I do not want a priest or vicar to conduct  the funeral ceremony as my late mother was not at all religious but I would like her special favorite wedding hymn sung, is this permitted when you conduct the service? Yes. I can include any hymns or any prayer such as the Lord’s Prayer.