Destination Weddings



Bespoke Deluxe Wedding Ceremonies created just for you and delivered in an overseas destination of your choice.

Anywhere – Anytime – Any Style!

Many couples dream of choosing a destination wedding for the simple reason they represent such good value for money and are generally more intimate.

The decision to marry outside of the U.K often causes a dilemma for couples who wish to have a legal British Marriage License.

The couple is unlikely to know the content of the ceremony or have an opportunity to meet their officiant prior to the day.

The ceremony may be conducted by a minister or officiant who does not have English as their first language.

One thing is missing – an English speaking celebrant delivering your own personal deluxe ceremony, following legal vows.


Dream differently and make it happen!

Glenda says “My desire is to get to know you both and bring your expressions of love and commitment to each other and life a reality. Whether your ceremony is planned for many or a few, I will ensure you are at the heart of it. Let me work with you both, to bring a balance of devotion, sincerity, humour, elements of fun and moments of reflection, right into the heart of your ceremony. It will be created in a way that you are both comfortable with and reflects your spiritual beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and family wishes. All delivered with an English accent that all your guests will be able to understand! Giving you a total peace of mind. Whatever your dream, I will support you to make it come true.  ”

With a wealth of experience in making dreams like yours come true, let cloud9ceremonies share in and create your ceremony.

The destination and planning of your wedding day will be up to you to decide.

 I can offer you a some very attractive OPTIONS

Read on to the find out more …..

Have you thought… to marry legally in the UK and  having a simple registration office service.

Have you thought …to plan a destination wedding with selected family and friends.

Have you thought to appoint an Independent Celebrant, to create a truly personal and meaningful ceremony for you both which will be conducted at your destination venue.


Glenda says, “I love what I do.”  
As a professional award winning wedding celebrant my experience was gained in the English Registration Service over several years, before retiring. Supporting you both and reassuring you throughout the entire ceremony,as your English wedding celebrant, bringing many unique qualities to your destination wedding.
Throughout the ceremony you will be guided by me-close by- keeping the ceremony flowing smoothly, through all the different elements punctuated by laughter, tears, cheering and every emotion in between.  
Your  journey with me from your very first email, through the planning and writing of draft scripts, until the final presentation of  you both as husband and wife (or re-married, or joined in partnership forever) to rapturous applause and cheering!
 CIoud9ceremonies will set the tone, and you will create the mood.”


destination weddings at cloud9ceremonies      


Glenda says you can expect ” A truly beautiful and romantic ceremony filled with love and romance fulfilling all your dreams and wishes. I will guide you every step of the way reassuring and supporting you both from the time of your initial contact through to when you say “I do” and announce you as husband and wife.”



  • Initial non-obligatory chat to establish the type of ceremony you seek and to establish mutual compatibility!
  • Early discussion of your requirements to offer realistic pricing and flexible terms to suit you.
  • A ceremony conducted with truly English content and style.
  • A ceremony with warmth and romance at its heart.
  • A ceremony may reflect your spiritual or religious beliefs.
  • A ceremony with or without religious content, the decision is yours.
  • A ceremony created and written to reflect your dreams. 
  • A ceremony reflecting your cultural and ethnic roots as appropriate.
  • A choice of ceremony style. English traditional or non-traditional.



  • A Booking Form sent with cloud9ceremony terms and conditions.

  • A contract form to be signed by all parties, so there is clarity to avoid any possible misunderstandings.
  • A permission to start work form, so I can commence creating your ceremony.
  • A form outlining my duties as your celebrant.
  • Invoice receipts for deposit and balances paid.
  • Three ceremony questionnaire forms:-

 – A formal questionnaire about details of the ceremony venue and key elements of participating guests and details of musicians and any witnesses.etc

 – A ‘fun’ questionnaire asking details about you as a couple to help me get to know you and customise your ceremony.

 – A post-ceremony form

  • Unlimited contact by email, Skype or phone.

  • A personal meeting if location permits.
  • Support in choosing suitable readings, verses or poems.
  • Support you in writing your own vows and words of endearment.
  • Printing of your personalized vows for reading in the ceremony.
  • Editing and proof reading the ceremony, to meet both your expectations.
  • Printing of any readings or words to be said by guests
  • An emailed copy of order of ceremony
  • A  ‘signing off’  of your ceremony one month prior to your wedding following receipt of final payment and expenses.
  • A pre-ceremony verbal rehearsal at no extra cost.
  • A rehearsal prior to the ceremony of any rituals to be included i.e. Handfasting, Loving Cup, Sweeping and Jumping the Broom, Unity Candle, and Sand Ceremony.
  • Inclusion and support for translation of joint readings in other languages.
  • Most importantly, there will be no time limitation on the length of the ceremony… as appropriate.
  • Arriving an hour prior to the start of your ceremony, Glenda will introduce herself and liaise with all the other ceremony participants i.e. photographer, musicians etc. Thus ensuring the ceremony flows smoothly and is captured for all eternity!
  • Dedicating time to you both, separately prior to the start of the ceremony, to reassure and offer last-minute guidance.

Glenda says ” By choosing me to create and write your ceremony, and deliver it for you at your destination venue, you are assured of my continuity of care and attention. I will be right there when with you both at the most special part of your wedding day, the moment you say “I do” supporting you all the way.”

The ceremony will be delivered by me in a truly British English accent, delivered with passion and warmth



Glenda says, “If you are living abroad and you want to get married in a different country, you will need to go to that country to post notice of your marriage.”




All payments to CLOUD9CEREMONIES to be paid in UK Sterling.

Full details on Booking Form.

MY CEREMONY FEE will be confirmed following our initial no-obligation chat and will depend on a number of factors – destination, size of wedding party, venue etc.

MY CEREMONY FEE is all inclusive and once quoted will remain the same with no added or hidden extras.

A realistic quote might be between £2,000 – £6,000

Booking Fees. Your deposit payment will be agreed between us and must meet the cost of the advance booking of flights and accommodation for the necessary nights of my stay, prior to and after the wedding ceremony (Generally 1-3 nights)

IN ADDITION cloud9ceremoniess will:-


Offer ideas for ceremony enhancements and other rituals – Sand, flower, wine, rose, drinking a toast, candle lighting and so much more.

Cloud9ceremonies specialise in Handfasting, which can include a Cake and Ale ceremony and Jumping the Broom.

Cloud9ceremonies will honour special requests and needs, such as incorporating children, honouring parents and grandparents and offering remembrances of loved ones.


Glenda is happy to fit in with any dress code or theme you may have by coordinating her attire and to suit your colour scheme (within reason!)

My duties need not stop there….ask for further details.



Selecting your English speaking Independent celebrant is a very personal decision. As the celebrant performing your wedding ceremony, I will be an integral part and will set the tone for your entire day that follows. 

Your first step in the journey to an amazing celebration has started…. if you choose me to be your celebrant, I will be delighted to hear from you.



Email me to check my availability and secure your date in my diary with a booking fee.  

Subject: Destination Wedding/Barbados/USA/World/






Send out your invitations as soon as you can to let your guests know when and where to join you!

Early bookings reduce many prices, not just flights and accommodation.

Please note that I understand the importance of your privacy and I will only ask you for personal information that is relevant to your enquiry and your ceremony.
Any personal information I collect from you will only be used by me and will only be used to plan and conduct your ceremony.
Any personal information I collect from you will not be shared with anyone else without your consent (for example, it may be necessary to share with someone involved in your ceremony or its arrangement but this would not be done without first obtaining your permission).
Your information will be securely stored on a password-protected computer.
Please contact me if you have any questions about this privacy policy.



A wedding ceremony planned in the UK will offer you complete peace of mind.

You will most probably be in control of almost every aspect of your destination wedding planning; flights, hotel, food, flowers, decor and of course your invited guest list. However, your wedding ceremony, wherever it is held, will most certainly not be in your control. It will be conducted by a local person in the country of destination. This may be a religious minister, clerk of court, notary, judge or officiant. You may only get to speak to them on the day of your wedding. You may not even know the content of the ceremony!

Is it is essential that you and your fiancé feel totally satisfied and comfortable with the person who will play such a vital part in your ceremony?.

If you pre-book me as your English Celebrant for your destination wedding, then all worries and concerns about ceremony content, will be eliminated.

You can be involved as much or as little as you like when it comes to making choices and decisions about your ceremony content and the wording used. Each couple will be seeking a different experience when it comes to ceremony content. Whether you are seeking a celebrant to tell your love story or talk at length about romance and love, or the art of a good marriage.

Your wedding ceremony is the sole reason everyone has come together.

Planning the reception can be very exciting but finding the right wedding celebrant will make the most important part of the wedding, your ceremony, all the more special, memorable and sincere.

By choosing GLENDA PROCTER  to be your overseas celebrant, you will have total peace of mind. She will greet you when you arrive at your destination, offering a familiar and friendly face to support you on your wedding day.




As you start to plan your special DESTINATION WEDDING day ceremony, you will no doubt have many questions. My answers will give you a lot more information and details to support you in your planning.

Will the ceremony you conduct be legally binding?
Yes in the USA.
Not in the UK or rest of the world.
Where do we get legally married?
The choice is yours. Either marry before leaving for your destination wedding or when arriving at the destination.( more details below.)
If you are a British citizen you can get legally married and obtain a British marriage license in a UK registration office prior to traveling to your destination.
You can get legally married in your destination location in a brief service prior to my conducting your celebratory ceremony.
How long is the usual UK registration or overseas service?
It is usually all over in 15 minutes.
How long is a ceremony conducted by you as an independent celebrant?
My ceremonies are personal and bespoke for every couple. Couples may include any number of extras and additions to their ceremony.Therefore the ceremonies I help you create can be as long as you want!
Who makes the marriage application and deals with the legal paperwork?        
You are responsible for obtaining all the necessary documents and fulfilling the requirements of marriage in your country of residence or destination.
What are the benefits of having a British Marriage License?
This is for you to decide! Complications of authenticity could arise in the future if you have a foreign marriage license. Couples sometimes have regrets.
How do I find out the legal requirements of the county in which I want to marry?
Start with a google search! Or seek the guidance of the destination venue wedding planner, they may well have guidelines to offer you.
How long will it take me to sort the necessary paperwork to marry overseas?
Each country has its own laws and requirements, so check these thoroughly.
Do I have to visit the British Embassy when I get to my destination?
Check local laws and regulations.
Do I have to be resident in the destination country I am planning to marry in, prior to marrying legally?
Once again it is your responsibility to check the regulations and rules that are applicable to the country of destination and your own circumstances.
Will you work with my wedding planner?
I will make contact with your wedding planner whether they are your own independent wedding planner or the planner from a hotel or venue. Liaising and communication between what they do for you and my role in the actual delivery of your ceremony will be a vital part of the ‘flow’ of your day.
Do I need a Wedding Planner?
This is very much a personal choice. A wedding planner will handle everything—from hair and makeup to flowers, cake, and music. They have the local contacts and expertise to help tailor your wedding to your style and budget and arrange services for guests with or without children or with special needs.