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  • An all-inclusive beach wedding
  • Relaxing environment
  • Excellent honeymoon location
  • An all American experience
  • Tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea

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Weddings conducted by cloud9ceremonies in the USA are very different from those Glenda conducts either in England or the rest of the world.


Start your lifetime together in PARADISE FIND OUT MORE…… Glenda has been personally invited by FOIC founder David Abel to officiate weddings in the USA. She is part of the FOIC The Fellowship of Independent Celebrants management team ,Glenda  tutors delegates to become professional celebrants with skills to pass the NOCN qualification ” Celebrancy in the UK”. The listed website explains in full details of destination weddings in the state of Florida. A wedding ceremony conducted by Glenda in the USA will be recognized by the UK government as a legal marriage. A destination wedding in FLORIDA represents true value for money and complete packages are available. They include the planning not just for your ceremony but all other details of your day. Your wedding will be a fraction of the cost of marrying in the Uk. Your wedding can then be followed by your honeymoon.

The romance of FLORIDA Florida is for lovers.
With year-round perfect weather and miles of beaches, Florida is a favorite destination for couples looking to relax and rejuvenate in a beautiful setting, surrounded by sandy beaches and romantic sunsets. A couple will not be short of ideas for a fun and romantic stay.
The weather and climate in FLORIDA
Florida sits in the Gulf of Mexico close to the tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea. The sea waters are warm for swimming and the ocean creates a cooling breeze against the heat of the day. Temperatures vary within the seasons. The hot season has highs of 90 degrees and runs from May the cooler months the evening temperatures drop, requiring a light jacket or shoulder cover for ladies.
The American FLORIDA people
The AMERICAN people in Florida are truly multi cultural with one of the largest African-American populations in the USA along with many Mexicans and  Hispanics, coming to work. Florida is one of the most-visited states in the USA, drawing million of additional visitors every year to its golden beaches. Nowhere in Florida is more than 60 miles from salt water, so it’s truly is a holiday state.
What Wildlife can be seen in FLORIDA?
Mention must be made of the wildlife! Whales, dolphins, and manatee can all be seen in the waters off the coast. The Everglades are home to Alligators both fresh water and salt can be found anywhere there is water. Humidity and water create a living environment or small biting critters. Fox squirrels, raccoons, white-tailed deer, key deer, and armadillos are among the more commonly seen mammals.



As you start to plan your special DESTINATION WEDDING in the USA,  you will no doubt have many questions. My answers will give you a lot more information and details to support you in your planning. LEGAL MATTERS

  • Who is permitted to marry and solemnizes a wedding in the USA?
  • A marriage may be performed by regularly ordained clergy, judiciary, State of Florida notaries, the Clerk of the Circuit Court,  Deputy Clerks or a registered officiant.
  • Are you a registered officiant?
  •  Yes most defiantly. I was ordained and licensed to perform legal marriages in the USA  on 2nd March 2017.
  • What qualifications do you hold to permit you to legally marry us in North America?
  • As a registered minister with ULC No: 967 228-27 I am able to conduct a legal wedding in most States of America. There are just a few exceptions, regulations vary between states and these need to be checked by each couple. This is fully recognised in the UK as a legal marriage.
  • Are you classified as a wedding officiant in the USA?
  • I am officially recognized as a member of the ULC. Universal Life Church and have rights and privileges to perform all duties of the ministry, most importantly, legal weddings.
  • Are you a minister? Yes. It is the licensed term for register officiants of ULC in the USA.
  • What are the terms of issuance applicable for couples marrying in the USA? Applicants must be eighteen (18) years old to obtain a marriage license. Sixteen (16), and Seventeen (17), year olds must have both parent’s consent. If they are younger, parental consent of a County Judge and proven pregnancy may apply, depending on the age and situation. Both applicants must appear in person at the time of application.
  • What identification is required prior to issue? Applicants must provide a valid picture-type ID, with the date of birth shown. (Driver’s License, passport, student ID Card, Military ID, or Alien Registration Card.) There is no residence or citizenship requirement.
  • What happens if one of you has been previously married? If either applicant of you have been previously married, the exact date of the last death, divorce, or annulment must be provided. You should bring a copy of your divorce decree with you at the time of application.
  • What is the time limit and expiry of a marriage license? The license must be used within sixty (60) days from the “effective date”.
  • What is the cost of a marriage license? A marriage license costs $93.50.(Approx £70)
  • How is the license recorded? After the marriage, Glenda will return the signed license, (within ten 10 days), to the marriage license section. There is no record of the marriage until that license is received,  and is recorded in the Official Records. A certified copy will then be sent to the newlywed couples, by mail. The original license is sent to the OFFICE OF VITAL STATISTICS in that State.
  • What is the advantage of using a Wedding Officiant such as yourself, over any other legally qualified person?
  • A service conducted by any other licensed person outside of a church service will be brief and impersonal, rather similar to an English registration service marriage. Glenda has all the skills, experience, knowledge to be able to create write and deliver a heartfelt romantic ceremony with the couple at its heart.
  • What legal words have to be said by us or the officiant to ensure we are legally married in the eyes of the law? “by the power vested in me(Glenda Procter) as a ULC minister by the state of Florida (or other)” I pronounce you husband and wife.”

At what point in the proceedings do we actually become husband and wife? You are legally married when your two witnesses and the officiant (Glenda Procter) signs the paperwork. The license then has to be filed with the county the ceremony took place within an allotted time. The county will then issue you a marriage certificate which is what signifies and is evidence that you are legally married.  ” Remember, you’re not married ’til Glenda signs….  “  

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One thing is missing…an English speaking celebrant, delivering your own personal ceremony following legal vows.

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