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 I believe in providing ceremony to acknowledge all life celebrations and significant events.
 I believe in preserving the right of personal choice and decision in ceremonies.
 I believe in maintaining the highest standards of business, professional and personal conduct.
 I believe in maintaining truth, accuracy, dignity and integrity
 I believe in serving every client with respect, sensitivity and professionalism
 I believe in meeting my client for a no-obligation interview to discuss services prior to engagement.
 I believe in providing a service that recognises the unique personalities of my clients, being sensitive to their needs,  wishes, values, philosophical and spiritual beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
 I believe in providing unlimited consultation to my clients while creating their ceremony.
 I believe in maintaining cultural awareness with my ceremonies and services
 I believe not to discriminate on the basis of gender, race, religion, philosophy of life, ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

 FOIC’s objective is to strive to offer the best quality training possible.
 FOIC’s intention is to develop an organisation of quality and integrity that offers our students nationally endorsed qualifications in a flexible learning environment.
 FOIC’s goal is to develop an organisation with a level of excellence. We want to develop new and innovative ways to market and implement our training, and be at the cutting edge of the celebrant industry.
 FOIC is dedicated to training professional Independent Celebrants to officiate at personalised ceremonies marking the milestones and transitions in the lives of individuals, couples and families.
 FOIC desire to be known for delivering superb heartfelt ceremonies such as weddings, renewal of vows, commitments, coming of age, child namings and adoptions, end of life celebrations and special occasions.
 FOIC’s mission is for their Celebrants to work closely with clients in creating a ceremony that reflects their tastes and values.
 FOIC Celebrants are happy to assist in advising various aspects of the ceremony such as location, music and rituals.
 FOIC Celebrants encourage clients to draw on any traditions, non-religious or religious, which are meaningful to them.

Please note that I understand the importance of your privacy and I will only ask you for personal information that is relevant to your enquiry and your ceremony.
Any personal information I collect from you will only be used by me and will only be used to plan and conduct your ceremony.
Any personal information I collect from you will not be shared with anyone else without your consent (for example, it may be necessary to share with someone involved in your ceremony or its arrangement but this would not be done without first obtaining your permission).
Your information will be securely stored on a password-protected computer.
Please contact me if you have any questions about this privacy policy.



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