lovefests & wedfests


It is becoming increasingly more popular for couples to create mini Love Festivals or Wedfests in fields all over the countryside. Farmers and landowners are capitalising on this new growth in demand . Equally young and older couples alike are seeking different and cost effective ways of celebrating their marriage with a relaxed and more casual type of celebration. Expensive corporate hotels and licensed venues do not appeal to all couples.

Many couples choose to hire fields, meadows woodlands and forest glades to give themselves total freedom and a blank canvas on which to be as creative as they like.They are able to choose their own caterers and more importantly the person to whom they entrust to create and deliver a bespoke and personal ceremony celebration.

 Handfastings at these weddings is growing in demand and the number that cloud9ceremonies had conducted has trebled in 2017.With Glenda’s vast experience of conducting Handfastings at festivals since 2014 she is fully confident in supporting all her couples to create fun and heartfelt ceremonies that truly reflects their love, and spiritual connections.

Glenda’s style of delivery and creative ideas will be perfect for the wide variety of these outdoor spaces and wooded glens that couples choose.

The types of ceremony offered and created by Glenda with you both can be a blending between a traditional English wedding and a Handfasting.Ceremonies can be created with elements of a Celtic medieval Handfasting to including truly spiritual nature based sections, revereing the land and earth’s elements.

The key ingredient of any LOVEFEST OR WEDFEST must be the fun relaxed and communal caring of the party goers brought together to celebrate a couple’s love with music and dancing, very often with casual dining and a laid back unstuffy way.

This freedom of choice permits couples to  use an outdoor space  as a blank canvas adding the structures in the form of, marquees, tipees, big top, canopies, yurts or tents that suit the theme they wish to create and provide essential cover in the English climate.

If you think this style  of ceremony is for  you then please discuss your ceremony options with Glenda.