Are you a Groom or a Bridegroom

Let’s make it clear!


The dictionary definition of a groom is:-

TO GROOM – to brush and clean the coat of a horse…

A GROOM -a person employed to take care of a horse


The dictionary definition of a bridegroom is:-

A BRIDEGROOM – a man who will soon be or has recently been married.

THE BRIDEGROOM -is typically attended by a best man or groomsman.

The word bridegroom is often wrongly shortened to groom.


So let’s get it right!

Grooms brush horses             Bridegrooms get married



What is Traditional English Wedding etiquette?

A red-coated TOASTMASTER at an English wedding breakfast will always address the couple as the bride and bridegroom.

Etiquette would dictate that the title of the man marrying the bride would be a bridegroom,


So why do so many people get it wrong?

As an Independent celebrant I always refer to my couples as the bride and bridegroom. This is partly due to my having  trained and worked as a Lady Toastmaster for many years.


One thing is shared by both the bridegroom and the groom and it’s not the bride!


Both have grooming kits!  

Since I was a very small child I have loved and owned horses and it is fair to say that there is not much I do not know about looking after and grooming these beautiful creatures. Daily routines are kept to ensure their health and wellbeing. A regular activity is to groom them! Grooming a horse or pony enhances their appearance and ensures a healthy skin and coat.

This is why I cannot address the bridegroom as a groom  although so many in the wedding industry do.

It is true that a bridegroom will also benefit from a good grooming on his wedding day. I am not sure he will want a shiny coat but that does depend on his fashion choice I suspect!

I am not entirely sure he will be brushing his bride!