Handfasting and Handtying Masterclass

Welcome to You

Thank you so much for booking on my ONLINE MASTERCLASS in HANDFASTING and HANDTYING. Affectionately being called my ‘2 ZOOMS Masterclass’ by me.

Numbers are limited so I am excited that you have your place secured!

I really feel honoured to be sharing my knowledge and experience with you personally.

This follows my first ONLINE training and I trust everything goes smoothly. Technology and me have not had a smooth ride over the years. I hope you will forgive any glitches. Our introductions at the start of the course will be live, but the main presentation content of course, is pre-recorded.

You will be able to access the second part of the Masterclass in your own time following the first session going live.

What happens next?

→ You will receive a zoom link to your email address a few days before the Masterclass

→ I STRONGLY SUGGEST you watch the YOUTUBE video below before the Masterclass.

→ Download and print the workbooks before each session

→ Review the list of ribbons and cords you can purchase to fully participate in the workshops

→ You can attend via your own ZOOM screen, ideally on a laptop, for greater visibility. I hope you will feel you are in the same room as me!

Before the Course

The History of Handfasting

I have known about this amazing video on Handfasting for many years and used it in previous trainings.

In just over 8 minutes it describes the history of Handfasting, in a way that would take me a lot longer!

I suggest you watch it prior to the course. I feel sure you will listen to it more than once! Created by Cricket Song of LUNA WISDOM. YOUTUBE. Please watch with her blessings.

Course Workbooks

Masterclass Introduction
Get to know Glenda – The Queen of Handfasting”
Masterclass 1. Handfasting Foundations
All about “Ribbons, Cords and Braids”

Masterclass 2. Handfasting Foundations
All about making and ‘Tying of the Knot’

Masterclass Requisites


Investing in this training signifies a true interest in Handfasting. To get the most out of the Master class sessions I would recommend participation during and after the Masterclass, which will require you to have a few ribbons and braids to hand.

Generally, a Handfasting braid or cord needs to be a minimum of 1.50 metres to enable a Handtying to be formed.

I use the single term ‘ribbon’ to encompass all braids and cords and strings and everything used.

All plaits can be made with either cords or ribbons. More advanced 4 or 5 strand plaits are best first created with cords as they do not require accurate placing.

Below is a suggestion of what you will require. The samples I demonstrate and show you in the MASTERCLASS can be made and completed by you after the Masterclass.


Having an understanding of the creation and making of handtyings will greatly assist you when talking about and giving ideas and choices to your couples.

If you are not crafty and do not plan to create or make any handtys then you can ‘getaway’ with: –

  1. A shoe-lace for finger plait or three shoelaces to plait together.
  2. A dressing gown cord or men’s tie for tying the knot demonstration. This could also be used for a chunky finger plait!
  3. A few long lengths of ribbon/cord/braid at least 1.50 metre long in any width.


  • Ribbons widths can vary. 7mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 35mm or wider.
  • All finished lengths of ribbon used in a Handtying whether single or plaited need to be about 1.50 – 2 metres.
  • However, if you only want to create shorter samples then this length can be reduced.


Practical Preparations and purchases for…

This session we will be plaiting. 1/2/3/4 cords or ribbons. During plaiting, the cords/ribbons shorten, so I suggest 2 metres are purchased. I suggest using your brand colours for some of these plaits.

They will make excellent samples to show to couples.

Suggested Purchases for Session One –

  • Single plait. Use shoes lace, ribbon, cord or dressing gown cord
  • Sample for a 2-ribbon plait. Two identical width ribbons each 6 metres!
    Or for a sample use just 2 metres.
  • Two strand plaits. Use two shoe laces or two 10mm 20mm ribbons.
  • Three strand plaits. Use three shoes laces or 3 lengths of any width ribbons or cord.
  • Four/ five and six strand plaits are best practised with cord before advancing onto ribbons. I will show you how.
  • Three ribbon lengths to match a colour scheme or your band.
  • Sample for Tying the Knot. One long length of at least 2 metres of cords or wider braid or ribbon.
  • Sample for a three cord or ribbon plait. Three X similar width ribbons or cords.
  • Sample for a 4- cord plait.
  • Sample for a 4-ribbon plait.

Suggested Purchases for Session Two

  • Purchase two 1.50 metres of cord, preferably in two different colours and widths.
  • Three cords in ‘brand colours’ eg. Pink, pale blue and white.
  • Purchase one long braid or thick cord or rope. 1.50 or 2 metres for ‘ TYING The KNOT’

PLEASE NOTE. There is no obligation to purchase any cords or ribbons. Instead use a man’s tie, dressing gown cord, fine long scarf, shoe lace or anything you can imagine working with!

A bonus of the Masterclass


As a bonus to YOUR Masterclass, I am offering all graduates a 1-1 40-minute ZOOM session with me. This can be ‘claimed’ at any time in the future. Either to discuss the creation and making or the checking and proofreading of a ceremony script.

A Personal Message

I have two challenges in my life right now. Each is being dealt with but has influenced the way I am delivering the particular course. I am awaiting shoulder surgery and presently unable to raise my arms which hugely influence a live delivery of the course, right now. Also, I am moving house!

I have a waiting list of Celebrants for the Masterclass and do not want to wait till 2021 to launch again.

I’m excited to welcome you to the course!

Glenda x