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“Only two hearts in love can bring substance to the pledges and vows made in a Handfasting Ceremony, bringing two souls together for all eternity or for as long love shall last”

Festival Handfastings

“Festival Handfastings are truly my favourite to conduct and be part of creating.

My vast knowledge of so many types and styles of Handfastings, permits me to draw on all my experiences.

As an energy worker and healer (KIHA) I have an intuitive feeling of what will be ‘right’ and many of my words come straight from my heart.”


“Despite the limited time sometimes available to me at Festivals, (to get to know my couples), my ability to empathise with couples enables me to deliver a truly heartfelt ceremony for them.

Time is always given within the Handfasting, for my couples to spend private time expressing words of endearment and personal pledges.”

A beautiful Medieval setting and unique way to celebrate our recent engagement. I love my future husband and having found him I hope that he will be here for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving us the chance to make me the happiest women in the world.



gLASTONBURY 2024 Glenda will be there….



cannot be pre-booked prior to the festival



 June 2024:Message to couples…I am unable to respond to any enquiries prior to the festival Glenda can only conduct






Walk-In Handfastings were trialled in 2019 and 2022 to permit more couples the opportunity to be Handfast together. They have proved VERY SUCCESS and popular in 2023 

These simple Handtyings were extremely well received by couples, allowing more couples the opportunity to be Handfast. Couples seeking a Handfasting in 2024 should visit Glenda once at the festival, to reserve a time and day during the festival for their Handfasting.



If you have unusual requirements or mitigating circumstances then do contact Glenda. 



Glastonbury Music Festival

Each year Glenda attends the Glastonbury Festival by invitation on a Staff/Performers ticket with “Celebrant” printed on the ticket!

A beautiful outdoor space where ceremonies are conducted, can be found in the tranquil Green Fields site.

Glenda, who is also an Energy Healer, can be found in the Healing Fields. She does Energy Healing in the mornings and conducts Handfasting Ceremonies in the afternoons, prior to the start of the music.


Watch this video to get a flavour of festival handfasting


2016 will go down as the wettest Glastonbury festival!

Arriving on the Sunday before the start of the festival cloud9ceremonies were able to set up in the dry but only just!

Read how BBC listed cloud9ceremonies 4th in the Top 10 Wacky Things to do at Glastonbury


During the festival, the ceremony space was marked by a large white rope. The area inside the rope became a ‘no wellies’ zone and everybody respected this. By the end of the festival, the rope was muddy, but the grass was still green and standing!

It poured with rain all Sunday night. At the end of the festival, all ‘workers’ in the fields were requested to delay their departure due to the intense mud slowing the exit of revellers.

On Tuesday morning the sun shone and the ground dried on the hill. Our huge van that came to collect all the items that had created such a beautiful space, was able to drive onto the field. The van was loaded in the dry!

It then started to spit with rain and then poured. We were ‘home and dry’ complete with dry yurt and ceremony tent!


2017 will go down as the busiest Glastonbury Festival for Handfastings!

A record number of couples were Handfasted this year in an unprecedented demand for cloud9ceremonies Handfasting Ceremonies in the Healing Fields. Those booking early enjoyed the fun and romance of a personalised Handfasting which also included a Cake and Ale ritual and Jumping the Broom.

Glenda had her first booking immediately after the previous years festival and started a waiting list in January. The waiting list was closed when numbers reached 22, and a disappointed couples list then reached over 45.


2019 goes down as the driest and hottest Glastonbury Festival on record. Glenda conducted the most Handfasting ceremonies ever at the festival, joining the hearts and souls of a record number of couples in love.

2019 saw a change in the way Handfastings were conducted in the Healing Fields…


Several very lucky couples who booked early (prior to ticket issue) were fortunate; not only to get tickets but also be permitted to have a full Handfasting ceremony. This included the Handfasting, Cake and Ale ceremony and Jumping the Broom!

2019 saw the start of a new style of Handfastings.


These new style ‘walkin’ non bookable Handfastings, proved to be extremely popular. They enabled more couples to be ‘joined in love’. Couples were not able to book in advance of the Festival, but this was an added bonus for those lucky enough to book a space on the daily booking sheet.

By the time Glenda arrived on site, she had a waiting list of over 95 couples. The first couple on her waiting list making an enquiry, having as equal a chance of a ‘walkin’ Handfasting as the couple who emailed her on the day the festival started!

Glenda’s beautiful ceremony tent became a wardrobe for her capes, dresses and head wreaths. Needless to say it was far too hot to wear many of her capes! The tent certainly was not required for the anticipated wettest Glastonbury on record. How fickle is our English climate?

The energy and love in the Healing Fields was tangible. She was simply in her element surrounded by love and witnessing such diverse romance in all its different forms. Couples had so many various reasons for being Handfasted.

Many couples celebrating 5,10,15 and 20 years of marriage. Others were committing to be together, while others were celebrating recent engagement, or forthcoming legal marriage, or indeed most recent marriage. Glenda conducted two ceremonies for couples at the festival on honeymoon!

The highlights of 2019 were conducting a Handfasting for two mature gentlemen, a young deaf man who came with his speaking signer and a couple who had become engaged whilst at the festival. The last ceremony of the festival will remain the most memorable. A couple who pleaded with me after my closing the ceremony tent flap for the last time! They did an exchange barter with me! A much-needed foot massage for a Handfasting!  After all, Glenda is a big softy and just loves, love.

What people say about being handfasted at Glastonbury…

Beautiful, sincere, traditional, magical and everything we hoped it would be, the ceremony was lovely we cannot thank you enough, it was absolutely beautiful
Thank you to our beautiful friends for this special surprise, I love you Paul and always will
We ate chocolate cake and drank butter beer, very emotional and lovely ceremony, looking forward to spending our eternity of love together..despite the rain
Our special place made even more special with a personal Handfasting
A wonderful way to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary we will never forget…
It was even more special than our wedding day…
A fantastic way to celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in a traumatic year. Happiness at Glastonbury will stay with us for the rest of our lives…
Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special…we can’t wait to show our little baby all the photos
A most wonderful experience and ceremony very moving …….and we felt quite blessed having our blessing here in the Healing fields at Glastonbury
We could not have asked for better….. The energy we felt was over the moon….. tears of joy…love, and happiness all the way through…. what a lovely ceremony ……it was really special for us on our honeymoon!
The Glastonbury Handfasting Certificate we all  signed was an extra special bonus and surprise…..and to share it with so many other people….
We came all the way from Canada for this…..we will be back next year when we are married!
Glenda the moment I spoke to you I knew you were the perfect person to join our hearts…
The cake and ale became tea and biscuits…
What an amazing ceremony more than what we thought it would be…everything exceeded our expectations…Thank you for making it so PERFECT
Thank you Glenda for such a lovely ceremony… we will cherish this moment forever




The King’s Grove, Pippingford Farm.Nutley, Uckfield

TN22 3HW, UK

Bookings are available to make:-

Pre -Festival

At the Festival

via info@mgel.com or 020 8150 6767






 FULL HANDFASTING         £220

A Full Medieval Handfastings will include a Handfasting with ribbons or cords and be followed by a cake and ale ceremony, ending in the couple jumping the besom broom.

  • SWORD and CHALICE £120 


              A simple Medieval Handtying will not include the cake and ale or jumping the broom.

OTHERS are £40pp


  • RENEWAL of VOWS   

For Children £20 per child

Jumping the Broom 

Friendship Ceremony

All the above are conducted with a set script with limited choices given.

All include a reading and words of endearment.  

 Glenda might be open to some Medieval Bartering or Exchange!









England’s Medieval Festival

The Herstmonceux Medieval Festival is the largest Medieval Festival in England. It attracts visitors from all over the world, to its three days August Bank Holiday festivities.

Glenda attended for the first time in 2017 and was invited back in 2019. Her attendance conducting Handfastings is in great demand. She has a beautiful ceremony area set up in the main Tournament Field, where Handfastings are conducted under a square decorated pole arbour.

Handfastings can also take place in other areas of the Castle and grounds.

Book a Medieval Handfasting

Medieval Handfastings will be available each year at England’s biggest Medieval Festival.

Couples may pre-book directly with cloud9ceremonies for a Festival Handfasting or book a Handfasting on the day (subject to availability) while at the festival. The castle has a civil marriage licence enabling couples to marry legally prior to arranging a full Handfasting Ceremony within the grounds.(check castle bookings)

  • A Full Medieval Handfasting will include a Handfasting with coloured ribbons or cords and can be followed by a Cake and Ale ceremony, ending in the couple Jumping the Broom.
  • A simple Medieval Handfasting will not include the Cake and Ale or Jumping the Broom.
Other Ceremonies

Other  Medieval Ceremonies have been created for festival goers that include:-

  • Ring exchange and blessing. This is for engaged couples or those couples celebrating a key miles stone of their lives. A bracelet or gift may also be exchanged.
  • The Tying the Knot ceremony where a couple Tye the Knot of matrimony in a simple ritual that remembers their marriage and union. It’s where the expression ‘Tied the Knot’ comes from.
  • Oathing Stone. This ceremony is for anyone wishing to seal a pledge or promise one to the other. They may wish to make a promise to each other and by stating it while holding an Oathing Stone, their clear statement of intent or purpose, will bind them to the oath. Hence the expression to ‘set it in stone’.
  • Sword and Chalice ceremony for a Medieval betrothal. This ceremony will suit the more theatrical couples seeking something rather different and memorable as an engagement ceremony.
  • Blessing Ceremony. This ceremony is for any couple seeking a Blessing on their union. Perhaps they never plan to marry or are unable to marry. A blessing ceremony maybe the perfect special space they seek to declare their love and intentions and seek a blessing of their union.

Visit the ENHANCEMENTS page for evenmore details



Included in all the ceremonies will be a reading, words of endearment and special pledges and vows.

Not included in the ceremonies will be your personal choice of ribbons or cords. These can be selected and purchased from Glenda who will have a selection to choose from in a variety of colours types and prices.

Outside of Festival Dates

Glenda is available through Herstmonceux Castle to conduct ceremonies at other times of the year to suit your requirements.


These ceremonies can be conducted in a variety of locations within the castle grounds, such as the Magic Garden, Rose Garden or Log Circle by prior arrangement.

All planning of your day will be handled by the Castle but the ceremony will be created with you in the weeks and months after booking directly with Glenda.

Fees for private ceremonies will be considerably more and should be discussed with the Castle and confirmed with Glenda depending on your requirements.


we were very impressed by just about everything …We had all come specifically for the Handfasting, which was the best, most spiritual wedding ceremony I have ever attended in my entire 63 years of life…
…Thank you for such a beautiful, magical, perfect day Glenda we will treasure it for eternity


Make your FESTIVAL SOMETHING TO REMEMBER by booking A HANDFASTING WITH cloud9ceremonies celebrant Glenda Procter.

 Anywhere – Anytime – Any Style!



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