of Vows

…hours, days, weeks, months or years after your legal marriage.

Once legally married a couple may then choose to celebrate their wedding with a beautiful celebration of their love in a Renewal of Vows, at almost any location they like!

Let me weave your personal stories, spiritual beliefs and family traditions into a truly bespoke Celebration for you all. This could include a simple Handfasting, or ritual to enhance the day.

Let me be part of celebrating your love; hours, days, weeks, months or years after your legal marriage.


Statement of truth.

Renewal of Vow ceremonies have no legal status!


The Registration Office have their part to play to register your marriage but do not need to be part in the creation and planning of your Wedding Ceremony.

I would consider:-

  Marriage to be the legal part.

 Wedding to be the celebration of your marriage.

Reasons for Vow Renewals

Renewal of Vows take place for several reasons not least to celebrate your marriage, with a wedding celebration anywhere in any style and at any place of your choosing, free from the restrictions of the legal options.


In truth every marriage celebrated is a ‘renewal of vows’, we just do not refer to it as such! If conducted within weeks of your marriage it is indeed a Wedding Celebration!

A ‘Renewal of Vows Wedding Ceremony’ can take place following a simple Registration Office marriage at a convenient time close to the date of your legal marriage. A simple midweek appointment with a registrar will in 30 minutes have you walking out with a ‘Certificate of Marriage.’

  • Couples often choose a renewal of vows following a difficult transition in their marriage maybe due to infidelity or illness.

All ceremonies offer the opportunity for the couple to create a unique and beautiful bespoke event in the manner of their choice. They can be held in their own home, garden or special place of significance.

Why not include a Handfasting as part of your Renewal of Vows?

Just because…

Just because you never did it your way in the first place! Maybe you never had the opportunity to celebrate in the way you wanted years ago.

Perhaps parents, money and life circumstances got in the way. This is your opportunity to fulfil your dreams.

Let me help you do this by supporting you with fabulous ideas and inspirations.



The couple may choose to Jump the Broom!

This symbolizes the effort required to make a committed relationship work.

The broom jumping is a bit of light heartedness at the end of the main ceremony and is a practical reminder that married life is not all romance but also requires the sharing of chores and housework!

The besom broom is traditionally used but other styles of country brooms such as a corn brooms (Micky Mouse) are used. I have had coupes who have made their own besom brooms! Brooms can be decorated with cords or ribbons and flowers to co-ordinate with your ceremony theme.

The bridegroom may carry his new wife over the broom or they can jump it together as a couple, signifying a new beginning.

The telling of the story behind the couples broom will add to the personation of the ceremony.

Cloud9ceremonies has both besom and corn brooms available for loan. 

Whatever your idea we can work together to incorporate it into your ceremony.

We really couldn’t have asked any more of Glenda, she made everything clear to us in her emails leading up to our ceremony and made it a really special day. Nothing was a problem, even us turning up a bit late and we were both a bit nervous… but she really made us feel at ease. I can’t thank Glenda enough for making our day so special …..

Anniversary Renewal of Vows

There is no better way to mark a Silver, Ruby, Golden, or Diamond wedding anniversary than to celebrate with a renewal of vows ceremony to celebrate the number of years a couple have been together.


These ceremonies are joyous, and heart felt and tears are sure to flow as family become involved.

Planning such a celebration as a relative or a good friend of the couple will ensure they have a memorable day and something they will treasure and want to keep. Several enhancements can be considered for these ceremonies to involve children and grandchildren.

Any couple may choose to mark a key milestone in their relationship. A couple’s special anniversary by restating a couple’s commitment and love for each other.

Presenting the couple with a commemorative marriage certificate is one idea for the occasion. A couple may choose to say their original vows and maybe create new pledge going forward into their futures.

Marrying Overseas and Celebrating later…

A couple may have elopement or married overseas and thus now want include family and friends, who were unable to attend or were not invited to join them in a celebration!


This ceremony can be created with me to follow the Traditional English Marriage Ceremony.

Experienced in this style of ceremony whilst working as a marriage registrar it can have all the flavor and feel of a legal ceremony. I am very confident to do this.

However, it will not be created in the same way! Choice and personality is at the heart of my ceremonies. 

Arranging a renewal of vows following your legal marriage abroad may be an option that allows you to fulfil your dreams of marring abroad, with just the two of you. You may later decide to celebrate with family and friends who had no chance of sharing your happy day at the time.

A renewal of vows will allow you to recreate a ceremony and make it a focal part of a celebration party in England.

If you think any of these ceremonies are for  you then please discuss your options with Glenda.

 Anywhere – Anytime – Any Style!



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