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A World Heritage Site

Stonehenge is a World Heritage site on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire Southern England.
Many couples look on a Handfasting within the inner circle at Stonehenge as the ultimate venue for their Handfasting.

Cloud9ceremonies is able to support you in applying for pre-booked advance tickets.



Tourists to the site are not permitted to enter the inner circle of the ancient stones. However at dusk and dawn when the stones are closed to the general public access is permitted to small groups of people.

Please note that there is no access to the inner circle during June, July and August. Entry is restricted to an hour and only to a dozen or more people and must be pre arrangement. Booking of the entire circle is possible!

These early morning or sunset visits are a truly magical and spiritual time to experience the magnificence of the Stone Circle. A Handfasting within the inner circle will be a truly memorable experience for you both.

Glenda is very familiar with Stonehenge having conducted ceremonies within the inner circle on numerous occasions.

Cloud9ceremonies is able with sufficient notice to support you in applying for pre-booked advance tickets.Check out the World Heritage website for full details.



Handfasting at Stonehenge

Jessica and Philip. Stonehenge Inner Circle.

7th June 2019




Jessica and Philip were a truly beautiful couple, they both wanted the ceremony to reflect their spirituality and wanted it to be very personal. It was important to them that they stand together within the ancient stones holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes, whilst they made pledges one to the other.

Torrential rain did not dampen their spirits or take away any of the romance and love that radiated between them. The rain soaked them through and the umbrella they shared did little to keep them dry… but they had their love to keep them warm.”

CELEBRANTS VIEWPOINT It was so special for me to once again be invited to create and perform a Handfasting ceremony within the Inner Circle, at Stonehenge. It is one of my favorite places and one I never say no too! I conducted my 1st ceremony here in 2014 and have visited regularly ever since. The magnificence and spiritual energy of this site is tangible and a site many couples travel hundreds of miles to visit and have a Handfasting.

Recommendation: I am also grateful that Stonehenge  recommend me as a suitable specialist Handfasting Celebrant. Jess and Philip had visited my website and said they needed to look no further, they said I was perfect for them.

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 Avebury Stone Circle World Heritage Site

Avebury Circle together with Stonehenge,  is a World Heritage Site near Marlborough, Wiltshire.

However it is an open site and free to enter. If Stonehenge ticket availability does not coincide with your planned Handfasting date then Avebury or the Rollright stones could be an alternative option for you.

The site is very large and even when busy you will be sure to find a suitable ‘stone ‘that appeals to you.



Cotswold Energy

This site is one of my favourites as it is small and usually very quiet, with few visitors.

The Rollright Stones are in the Cotswolds on the Oxfordshire /Warwickshire border in Southern England.

There is no doubting that the Rollright Stone Circle, and the neighbouring King Stone, are both very ancient sites and places of mysterious beauty and subtle energies.

It seems highly likely that Neolithic men and women “not only shared these experiences, but had an understanding of how to find such places”.

This venue site has been used for Celebrant Handfasting workshops,on a number of occasions.

This site is small and easily missed as you drive by but a wonderful place for a Handfasting!

Make your stone circle ceremony something to remember by booking a handfasting with cloud9ceremonies celebrant Glenda Procter.

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