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A wedding ceremony conducted by an Independent Celebrant enables you to create an event that is uniquely yours. I will give the utmost respect to the beliefs and values you cherish and help you ensure that they are reflected in the words, readings, rituals and music you choose together for your wedding ceremony.

It may be a Traditional English Ceremony or include modern extras.

This is the most important day of your life.


Many couples today are now choosing an Independent Celebrant to conduct their wedding ceremony following their legal marriage in a church or registration office.

Those couples who select an Independent Celebrant are then able to create a bespoke and personal ceremony befitting their faith or social back ground. Most importantly they can choose to have it anywhere they like!

A wedding ceremony marks the beginning of your joint lives together.


The ceremonies created with you can be formal or informal;  religious or non-religious; they may be traditional and complex or simple and meaningful. You may choose to have a modern theme, vintage theme, woodland outdoor theme, hobo rustic or anything in between.

Your ceremony should reflect your wishes and dreams. My services are considerably more personal and memorable than those permitted by the church or registration office. They are also very much more personal and creative!

If you would like me to wear a particular outfit, so that I blend with your style, I am up for that.  I am happy to dress up too, if you want a themed wedding,


“Cloud9ceremonies provided a personal but professional ceremony tailored for our needs. The attention to detail was amazing and couldn’t have wished for a more lovely ceremony.”

Multi Faith Weddings

With the diversity of living and the many different  faiths practiced within the UK  couples are falling in love with men and women outside of their own faith.


These couples are placed in the compromising position and face the dilemma of which type of ceremony to have. Whether the couple are Catholics, Hindus, Sikh or Muslim they may not be permitted to marry in their own religious premises.

As an Independent Celebrant I am not bound by rules of faith. I would be delighted to create a bespoke ceremony that interweaves and mixes the main elements from each faith into a truly meaningful and satisfying ceremony for both the couples and their respective families.

Mixed Culture

Again diversity of living in this country and travel abroad means couples are meeting and falling in love with men and women of different nationalities and from overseas! This creates a challenge as to where a ceremony will take place, often resulting in an overseas marriage followed by a renewal of vows in this country on return.


Also some couples wish to incorporate elements of the traditions associated with the ‘others’ country into their ceremony here in England.

I would be delighted to create a bespoke ceremony that interweaves and mixes the main elements from each culture into a truly meaningful and satisfying ceremony for both the couples and their respective families.

Same Sex Unions

Since same sex marriages became legal, Glenda has embraced these truly special unions celebrating love.

She has conduced many handfastings and ceremonies of celebration. Same sex unions can follow the same format and level of bespoke creation as any other ceremony.

Getting Married in Your Hearts

Some couples resent the control of the law in matters of the heart and shun legal marriage. These couples prefer to have a Handfasting, which whilst very significant and meaningful to them has no legal status.



However a marriage is made in the hearts of two people and takes a lifetime to fulfil! Nobody can marry a couple except themselves and the promises and vows they make to each other should be made in their hearts.

Only a couple can seal the promise of a marriage to each other and only a couple can bind it. No power vested in the clergy or a registrar or me can truly bind a couple’s hearts. This is why so many couples are now choosing to be ‘married’ in private ceremonies or to be Handfasted.

Make your wedding extra special by booking cloud9ceremonies celebrant Glenda Procter.

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